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Shipping Information

ShippingWorldwide shipping is provided from Korea, with a tracking number.
Select a country for shipping fee
Delivery PeriodCompensation
Express3~5 daysProvided by
Delevery Company
K-Packet10~14 daysProvided by
  • In the case of Express, delivery is made through local shipping companies.
  • K-Packet is a shipping service provided by the South Korean postal system.
  • K-Packet is only available for 16 specific countries.
  • Shipping Fee is different by country.
ProcessingThe Pocamarket team inspects and stores the sellers’ photocards in the warehouse.

Processing Fee

(Up to max 40 photocards per request)
9.90 USD ~ 19.90 USD
process 1
process 2
process 3
process 4